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Sufi Trail Accommodation

There are many options on the Sufi Trail for accomodation: Camp Hotels Hostels Homestays There are friends along the Sufi Trail and we have a small community that supports hikers and cyclists. Mostly the village headmen is willing to help travellers and also there are guardian angels and special pilgrim places to spend the night. There is a accommodation list also with the names and phone numbers of the village heads that can always help out if there are special situations where you need shelter. The hotel prices are very reasonable you can sleep in a very chique hotel for around €30. For homestays mostly people don't want you to pay but it is nice to leave some money for your host. For homestays the average is around €10. Camping is free in non-camping areas, but be careful to choose your campsite wisely. If you find a shepherd they can help you to find a good spot.