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Your Guide to Morocco's Hiking Trails: Photos, Filters, and FAQs

1 Hiking Trails

What to expect

Morocco has 1 trails including extra difficult trails. The trail with the highest elevation climb is the Toubkal Circuit and the one with the least climb is the Toubkal Circuit. The longest trail is Toubkal Circuit at 64.4 km. To complete this hike you should budget at least 5 days. For a shorter adventure, you can try the Toubkal Circuit a t 64.4 km. This could be done in as little as 5 days. Trails with the best offering of hostels include Toubkal Circuit.

Guide to hiking in Morocco

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FAQs about hiking in Morocco

What is the climate like for hiking in Morocco?

Morocco's coastal climate makes spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) optimal for hiking. Milder temperatures ensure comfortable trekking conditions in mountainous regions. In the summer (July to August), desert areas can become scorchingly hot.
The winter months (December to February) can be wet and cold, especially in the High Atlas Mountains, potentially leading to snow-blocked passes. Conversely, desert areas remain pleasantly warm during the day.
Climate varies greatly by region, so hikers should plan accordingly. Check detailed climate info for different regions here.

Do I need a permit to hike in Morocco?

Most of Morocco's hiking trails don't require permits. However, in protected areas like Toubkal National Park, a permit may be necessary. It's best to consult with local tour operators or the local government office. Here's a link to Morocco's official tourism site for more information.

Is wild camping allowed in Morocco?

Wild camping is generally accepted in Morocco, especially in more remote hiking areas. However, local laws and customs can vary. Always seek permission from landowners when applicable. Respect the environment and camp responsibly. For more information, refer to this resource.

Are there mountain rescue services in Morocco?

In case of emergencies during a hike in Morocco, it's crucial to contact local authorities via 112. They coordinate with the Royal Gendarmerie for mountain rescues. Travellers should also have reliable travel insurance that covers emergency rescue and evacuation. Here's a resource.

Are there dangerous plants in Morocco?

Morocco's diverse terrain houses a rich variety of flora. The Atlas Mountains showcase Cedar and Pine forests, while the southern region is dotted with Acacia and Argan trees. This plant diversity enhances the hiking experience. provides more insight.

What wildlife should I be aware of when hiking in Morocco?

While hiking in Morocco, hikers might encounter animals like the Barbary macaque and the Fennec fox. Beware of venomous animals like scorpions and vipers. Mosquito protection is also recommended. For more on Morocco's wildlife, check