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Your Guide to Hong Kong's Hiking Trails: Photos, Filters, and FAQs

4 Hiking Trails

What to expect

Hong Kong has 4 trails including medium trails. The trail with the highest elevation climb is the Hong Kong Trail and the one with the least climb is the Maclehose Trail. The longest trail is Maclehose Trail at 97.9 km. To complete this hike you should budget at least 7 days. For a shorter adventure, you can try the Hong Kong Trail a t 44.3 km. This could be done in as little as 4 days. Trails with the best offering of hostels include Maclehose Trail, Hong Kong Trail, Wilson Trail, and Lantau Trail.

Guide to hiking in Hong Kong

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FAQs about hiking in Hong Kong

What is the climate like for hiking in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's climate varies with its seasons, influencing hiking experiences. From March to mid-May, it's spring with moderate temperatures, providing ideal conditions for hikes in verdant hills. However, keep an eye out for sudden showers.
Summers, from late May to mid-September, are hot and humid with potential for typhoons, making long hikes challenging. Trails like the Dragon's Back, though stunning, may be exhausting.
Autumn, from late September to early December, is considered the best time to hike due to comfortable temperatures and clear skies. It's perfect for panoramic views from Victoria Peak or Lantau Peak. Learn more here: Hiking in Hong Kong.

Do I need a permit to hike in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong, most hiking trails are open to the public without the need for permits. However, if your hike involves camping in a country park, permission from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department may be required. For permit applications, visit their official website: AFCD.

Is wild camping allowed in Hong Kong?

Wild camping in Hong Kong is permitted in designated areas within country parks. However, lighting open fires and noise-making are prohibited. Be mindful of leave-no-trace principles to preserve these natural habitats. Check for specific rules at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department's website: AFCD.

Are there mountain rescue services in Hong Kong?

In case of emergencies during hiking in Hong Kong, the Government Flying Service and Fire Services Department handle mountain rescue. Dial 999 for immediate assistance. It's advisable to carry a fully charged phone and have the coordinates of your location. More details can be found here:

Are there dangerous plants in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's trails are adorned with diverse flora. The vibrant Hong Kong Orchid Tree blossoms from November to March, while trails like Tai Mo Shan are ablaze with azaleas in spring. However, beware of the itchy and rash-inducing Chinese lacquer tree. More info here:,%2C%20Malvaceae%2C%20etc.)..

What wildlife should I be aware of when hiking in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong's trails teem with wildlife. Encounters with macaques are common on Monkey Hill, while Mai Po Nature Reserve is a birdwatcher's paradise. Beware of potentially venomous snakes like the Chinese cobra and bamboo pit viper. Learn more here: