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The John Muir story w/ Harold Wood Jr - Sierra Club JM Exhibition


The John Muir story w/ Harold Wood Jr - Sierra Club JM Exhibition

John Muir - Hopefully this name doesn’t require an introduction to listeners of this podcast. But just in case there are a few that have yet to be acquainted,John Muir is a scottish-born environmentalist, writer, outdoorsman and is considered to be the Father of the US National Parks and is the founder of The Sierra Club. As a writer, he is probably one of the most quoted people on the planet. If you’re looking for a quote to express your love for the outdoors, chances are that google or chat gpt will cough up a bunch of stuff by John Muir. Many are also probably familiar with the hiking trails left in his name. Most significantly the John Muir Trail (or JMT to the trail connoisseurs) which stretches from the summit of Mount Whitney to Yosemite Valley. While his name and writings are so well-known around the world, not much is spoken about his life. Which is incredibly surprising considering the life that he had! From Thousand mile walks (before thru-hiking was even a thing) to facing a wind storm at the top of a 100 ft Douglas spruce and traveling the world, he definitely walked the walk! I’m certainly no expert on the subject of John Muir and unfortunately, since his passing in 1914, John couldn’t make it for the interview. But thankfully, we have the next best thing! Harold Wood Junior is the co-founder and webmaster for the John muir exhibit which is a virtual museum dedicated to the life and legacy of John Muir. Harold knows John as if he is a brother. So there was nobody more suited to exploring his life than Harold. There is so much to learn about John Muir, far more than what could fit into this short episode. We mention books and other resources that you can check out to learn more. https://vault.sierraclub.org/john_mui...Find your next Sauntering adventure over at https://hiiker.app/app?utm_source=you... Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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