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hiking maps.

Why go free? It's simple. Free offline maps means more people can hike with more confidence.

Hiking in remote areas means that you need to save your map to your mobile device for offline use. This also reduces the impact on battery consumption.

This is why so many applications charge for the ability to save maps offline.

HiiKER believes that safety should not come at a cost. That is why we are changing things up and offering all hikers Free Offline maps from Thursday 26th of January.

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Safety shouldn’t need a subscription.

The outdoors industry has exploded over the past few years. This escalating demand has more people than ever exploring more remote trails and wild areas.

We have seen the numbers of inadequately prepared hikers grow exponentially, thus putting pressure on Search and Rescue teams all across the world.

Providing hikers with useful information for free is a step in the right direction.

What the experts say

  • Paul Finlay

    "Hiker Safety is our absolute priority. By offering hikers Free Offline maps on HiiKER, this means that everyone can feel confident that they're on track, regardless of mobile service.."

    Paul Finlay, CEO and Founder of HiiKER

  • Fiona Kelly Treasurer, Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue

    "Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team use powerful tools such as HiiKER to enable our volunteers to reach those that are in need of our services. We are delighted that HiiKER is now offering hikers free offline maps to promote safety in the mountains."

    Fiona Kelly, Treasurer, Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue

  • Julian Gray, Director, South West Coast Path Association

    "Hiiker is our first Coast Path Friendly app – giving back to protect this world class trail. Having free access to maps offline is a great step forward as it's often when you're in remote areas with poor signal that you need access to information quickly."

    Julian Gray, Director, South West Coast Path Association

  • Lauren Murray Director of Development at the Continental Divide Trail Coalition

    "Part of our mission here at the CDTC is to provide free up-to-date information to the public, and to create a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all people to enjoy the trail. With HiiKER's new model of providing free access to offline maps for all trail users, more people can safely explore the CDT. "

    Lauren Murray, Director of Development at the Continental Divide Trail Coalition.

  • Galeo Saintz Founding Chair of the World Trails Network

    "This is a wonderful step forward in integrating trail technology with fundraising and trail organizations. Now the many organizations behind trail care and maintenance have a more direct source of funding from trail users. With HiiKER, users can make immediate donations, even when they are on trail!"

    Galeo Saintz, Founding Chair of the World Trails Network

Compared with our competitors

There has been a pricing benchmark set on downloading offline maps by other well establishing navigation apps but we're here to offer a free Alternative to AllTrails, GAIA GPS, Outdoor Active, Komoot and others. Here's how we compare with their pricing tier that feature offline map downloads:






€29.99 per year



€36.84 per year*

*For first year

Outdoor Active


€30.46 per year



€29.99 once off

Prices at time of research Jan 2023

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